The MELT Method

Description : Release stuck stress with MELT

Over a decade ago, Sue Hitzmann was at the height of her career as an international fitness presenter and instructor. She appeared to be in perfect health, yet she was experiencing debilitating pain in her foot. With a master’s degree in exercise science and advanced training in neuromuscular therapy, she thought it would be easy to find out what was going on in her body, but even the most prominent doctors and physical therapists couldn’t explain what was wrong. Although she was only in her twenties, Hitzmann’s career was threatened and her quality of life was in decline.

Hitzmann learned the hard way that diet, exercise, and muscular strength are not the foundation of a healthy, pain-free body. As she sought the true source of her pain, she radically changed her focus from fitness to hands-on bodywork.

Reviews : I had low back pain for about a year that no massage therapist, chiropractor or workout at the gym could fix. I was a fitness professional and a bad example of one at that!
MELT was literally THE thing that set me straight. My low back issues are no longer an issue. It is also a great pre and post workout addition to help with recovery and improve performance.

I crave my roller and Hand & Foot Balls in the mornings and at the gym!BuyNowButton

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